• Wade O. Easley, President/CEO
  • Josh Wood, Vice President/Cashier/CFO
  • Ab Hendley, Sr. Vice President
  • Robin Musick, Sr. Vice President
  • Mark McLarty, Vice President
  • Myron Grantham, Vice President, Mortgage Lending MLO#763705
  • Amy Schumacher, Vice President
  • Patsy Vazquez, Vice President
  • Jesse Andrade, Vice President/IT Officer
  • Ursula Riley, BSA Officer/Compliance Officer/Asst. VP/Cashier
  • Connie Mendoza, Assistant Vice President
  • Rosie Davis, Assistant Vice President
  • Libby Estep, Assistant Vice President
  • Celeste Schilling, Administrative Assistant
  • Nicole Rohrbach, Administrative Assistant
  • Curt Langford, Ag Representative
  • Jessica Lucas, Banking Officer MLO#1806212
  • Angie Andrade, Banking Officer
  • Mayra Olmos, Banking Officer
  • Andrea Alvarez, Head Teller
  • Cheyanne Skelton, Operations Officer
  • Brandi Gonzalez, Banking Officer/Asst. BSA Officer


  • Chris Cabbiness
  • Wade O. Easley
  • Scott N. Hall
  • Barry J. Josserand
  • R. Scott Keeling
  • Joe C. Perrin
  • John S. Perrin
  • Gilbert Tijerina
  • Tommy Tatum
  • Bill Stovell

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