Checks are no longer the most accepted form of payment, and credit cards can be costly if you're not careful. The happy medium between these two is a First National Bank check card.

Use it like a credit card, but have the funds deducted from your checking account—no fees and no finance charges. It's the best of both worlds.

  • Free with all First National Bank checking accounts
  • Use it like a credit card
  • Funds deducted immediately from your checking
  • Accepted everywhere
  • No fee for withdrawals from our ATMs
  • No annual fee, no interest
  • All purchases recorded on your monthly statement
ATM Card

Get cash when you need it with an ATM Card. Access your funds 24/7 from the ATMs at either branch.

  • No service charge at First National Bank ATMs
  • PIN secured
  • Immediate cash withdrawal from your account
  • Low fees from non First National Bank ATMs
  • Easier than checks
  • 2 convenient First National Bank ATM locations
Check Card
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